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A little about me

By day, I head up a corporate accelerator for Australia’s largest general insurer. Before that, I was the director of revenue strategy and worked on global expansion at Chipper Cash. On nights and weekends, I invest in early-stage fintech startups across Australia and New Zealand.

I was the founding GM of Stone & Chalk, Melbourne - an independent, not-for-profit fintech incubator that fosters and accelerates the development of world-leading fintech startups.

I was also the deputy chairman of FinTech Australia, where I led numerous submissions to government departments on digital currency and blockchain tech, the consumer data right (CDR) and payments - including the removal of 'double GST' from digital currency and amendments to KYC/AML laws designed to incorporate digital currency.

I’m a former member of the Australian Federal Government’s Fintech Advisory Group and ASIC’s Digital Finance Advisory Committee member.

Also, in my former life (before I worked in fintech), I was a professional services advisor. For several years, I worked for a top-tier accounting firm on complex international tax structuring and M&A matters. I was also the co-founder of a startup in the education space.

I hold Bachelors degrees in Law and Commerce and a Masters degree in Commerce (Econ). I’m also admitted to practice as a Barrister and Solicitor in the state of Victoria.

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☀️ Day: Looking for my next thing 🌚 Night: investor in fintech startups, former chair of Fintech Australia, writer of Fintech Radar, ex-Revenue Strategy Lead @ Chipper Cash