Issue #0: Welcome to Fintech Radar!

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👋 Welcome to Issue 0 of Fintech Radar!

As anyone who knows me can tell you, I love spending time talking about, investing in, and being around the fintech industry. I fundamentally think that we’re just starting to see the impact improved financial services will have on our everyday lives - and not only through the direct channels we’re used to, but also in all the other services we consume (the ‘every startup becomes a fintech’ thesis). For example, the rise of challenger banks in the UK and alternative lenders in the US heralded a new way for people to interact with the stale financial services industry - it hasn’t always brought the impact we’d imagined it would (lol, Robinhood, and its unlimited leverage glitch). Still, it’s providing choice, cheaper services, and most importantly, a better experience for consumers - which is what we all expect in the Uber’fied world we now live in.

Parsing the signal from the noise

As the fintech industry continues to grow, it’s becoming harder to keep up with all the happenings and, more importantly, parse the signal from the noise - and it’s getting noisy. Thus, the birth of Fintech Radar.

I thought I’d start writing (again) about the industry and provide my cut on what I think is important and how it’ll impact consumers, industry insiders, and fintech adjacent industries. Alongside the usual weekly news, I’ll throw in some ‘inside baseball’ takes on what’s going on and views on what is not being discussed (which is usually just as important). Issues will drop on Tuesdays (with plans for more content weekly too).

So, if you’re into fintech (and let’s be honest, who isn’t?), you’ll find something of interest in each issue. Subscribe to FR below, and don’t forget to tell a friend about it.

Until the next issue, stay safe out there.